Peak: Our Difference

Investment Philosophy and Discipline

Ascend holds to a strict investment discipline which is based on analysis of asset fundamentals, valuation metrics, and portfolio diversification. We invest in stocks of companies that have a compelling strategy for growth, have differentiated products or services that are dominant in their industry, and have a strong balance sheet. Our bond investments have high relative yields and low relative risk. Portfolios are comprised of both individual securities and funds (mutual funds and exchange traded funds). We are a fee-only fiduciary advisor which means we put our clients' interests first and foremost. Because we are an independent advisor we are not captive or limited to broker-dealer investment choices or other investment managers. Our management is direct and fully transparent.


Clients receive a statement for each account every month online through our custodian, TD Ameritrade's, website. At least once a year we plan to meet (in person or through Zoom) to review your assets and financial situation. Beyond the annual review, we encourage our clients to feel comfortable to call or email us at anytime with any questions or life changes that come up.